NEXT Neighbors: Giving and Receiving Together


NEXT Neighbor volunteers do all sorts of things: from providing neighborly support (driving others, friendly visiting) to being a computer mentor or a bill-paying coach. They may support members in getting out to events or exercise, or lead a class.

NEXT Neighbors may also provide support by helping with events, taking photos, or working on the newsletter. They might even lend a hand with marketing, writing grants

And they might take an active role in NEXT Village leadership, working on developing and presenting our educational, health and wellness programs, facilitating social and interest group activities, developing our membership, our NEXT Neighbor program, our financial lifelines, and our service referral lists.

There’s virtually no limit to how you can become involved as a NEXT Neighbor. Ours is a vibrant group of amazing folks who genuinely care about members. I’d like to extend a personal invitation to you, whether you choose to join NEXT Village SF or not, to become involved in NEXT Neighbors. Your involvement will enrich our organization and the lives of its members while, at the same time, enrich your own life.

Molly Tello
Volunteer Coordinator
(415) 888-2868

What do our members think of NEXT Neighbors?

“They were wonderful. Among the things they did: moved a heavy plant, installed ceiling light bulbs, unloaded a high-up kitchen cabinet, improved a section of my computer, programmed my radio, sawed off an old vine, and removed old gallons of paint. My life is greatly improved. Many thanks to them and to NEXT Village.”

“They put batteries in my smoke alarms, lifted up some heavy outside planters, and took the planters as well as a very heavy chair downstairs so there would be more room in my place. So willing, able, friendly, and expert. My special gratitude goes to these people.”

Volunteer for Others — and Yourself!

Studies show that when older adults volunteer, not only do they strengthen their communities, they also experience better health in later years, including:

  • greater longevity
  • higher functional ability
  • lower rates of depression
  • higher levels of happiness, life satisfaction, and self-esteem
  • a sense of control over life
  • a personal sense of purpose and accomplishment
  • a greater buffer to stress and disease risk

Several studies have even found that volunteers live longer! So what are you waiting for?

Become a NEXT Neighbor

We welcome the volunteer involvement of our members, but you don’t have to be a member to get involved. The first step is to tell us how you’d like to help by filling out a Volunteer Interest Form.


Or request more info:

Free Membership at City CarShare

As a NEXT Neighbor, you’re eligible for a free membership to City CarShare. Simply make yourself available for 12 hours per quarter, and in return you’ll get a free, one-year membership at City CarShare. NEXT Village covers all your expenses when you drive members to the store, doctor, etc. And you’re free to use City CarShare for your own use. (Volunteers cover their own expenses at $6/hr.)

New volunteers

Please download, complete, and return this Volunteer Disclosure Form.

email form to:

Volunteer Service Report

If you’re a volunteer and recently provided a service, please complete a Volunteer Service Report.

Email your form – CLICK HERE.