Do you have questions about investments? Is it all a mystery to you? $$$$

NEXT member Brent L. Leonard, CMT, and former Stock Broker at Charles Schwab, is willing to meet one on one to help you understand the world of investments.  While at Schwab, Brent worked with “Friends of Chuck” (FOC) – Saudi Princes, Hosni Maburak, Marcel DuChamp Jr., company CEOs, doctors, lawyers, with an emphasis on stocks and options (puts and calls), and mutual funds.  He believes we might be close to a dangerous time for stocks, bonds and even real estate, as the Federal Reserve has propped up these assets to resolve the severe 2008 crisis, causing income inequality for both the uber rich and middle class, via huge debt. Sign up for conversation with Brent at or 415‐888‐2868.

(Note, Brent is not selling his services. He is not going to tell you what to do/buy/sell.)