NEXT Village launches “Village Advocacy & Action” (VAA-Voom!)

NEXT Village launches  
“Village Advocacy & Action”

We all have some feelings about the recent election and turn of events, and we will need to diligently watch for policy changes in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, as well as a myriad of other subjects that are near and dear to our hearts. Watching out together is a great way to take the mystery out of the issues and learning how to get your point across, and who to point your point to!

NEXT has experienced advocates on staff and on the board, and throughout our Village. To that end, we are planning Sunday afternoon sessions where we will prepare and share updates on important issues, followed by letter writing, phone calling. If you would like to be added to the list for notifications and gatherings of VAA please respond to us at or 415-888-2868 with the subject line: VAA-Voom. We will send you a message with details. In the meantime, here’s a handy number you can use to contact members of Congress: 202-225-3121. They can connect you.

NEXT will have some issues at City Hall in the near future that will require help from supporters, and many in the NEXT community. For example, we are going to ask for one additional year of financial support ($50k) from the Board of Supervisors, which will help our base budget within the Department of Aging to be $150k for the 2017- 2018- funding cycle. That will also help us match what we received last year and allow us to continue with the initiatives and efforts we added in 2016-2017.

Additionally, the Dignity Fund opportunities have not yet been defined, and we will have to apply for those funds, so while we await the effort to sort that out, this $50k is very important to us. You are invited to contact Supervisor’s Peskin and Farrell with your comments about the value of NEXT Village to you

( (415) 554-7450
( (415) 554-7752.