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NEXT Village provides members with the confidence and practical means to live safely and comfortably in their own homes and community as they age. As a NEXT Village member, you will strengthen our community both by accepting the assistance of NEXT Neighbors (our volunteers), and by sharing your own interests, expertise and friendship with like-minded people.

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Just wanted to thank you & NEXT for sending Jason & Kathy over on Sunday. They were so cheerful & helpful. Not only did they assist me around the apt, they chatted with my mother a little bit & really lifted her spirits. I wish they could come back & visit again. Please thank the Rotary Club too!
~ Lisa

We offer a host of Full Member benefits. (Associate Members receive benefits in italics.)

 Transportation Assistance for:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Medical appointments
  • NEXT Village social and cultural events
  • Other needs as available

 In-Home and Personal Support:

  • Initial get-acquainted meeting with NEXT Village social service expert, if requested
  • Support, advice, and referrals in addressing the changes associated with aging
  • Referrals to recommended local businesses, home repair companies and professional advisors
  • Daily telephone contact with another Village member, if desired
  • Visits from a NEXT Neighbor
  • Assistance with minor household repairs and chores, like changing light bulbs, turning a mattress, or moving plants
  • Referrals to recommended home-care providers
  • Away-from-home help (periodic checks, mail pickup, plant watering)
  • Assistance with computers and electronic devices
  • Assistance with pet walking and care

 Cultural and Social Activities:

  • Classes and seminars on subjects such as connecting via social media, gardening in pots, and document management
  • Occasional lunches and potluck dinners
  • Theater and museum outings, drawing group, and film club
  • Companionship and visiting

 Health and Wellness support:

  • Partners for walking, swimming, meditation or other activities
  • Exercise and relaxation classes
  • Educational seminars such as wellness strategies, CPR, and home safety
  • Support groups for shared problems and referrals to a medical advocate
  • Post-hospital assistance

Types of Memberships

Four types of NEXT Village memberships are available.

Full Member: Eligible for all above benefits. $600.00
Sustaining Member: Fully tax deductible. No services provided, however, join us for all social events. $600.00
Associate Member: Limited services, all social events. $120.00
Subsidized Memberships available:  The Department of Aging requires a minimum fee of $120 per year for all members. If this poses a hardship, please contact us directly about a scholarship.

Please contact NEXT at 415-888-2868 or

Member links

Please speak to the member coordinator Jacqueline at for more information.

To pay dues or to register for an event, please email Jacqueline at

To request a service, please email Molly at

A NEXT Village membership can enrich your life

“I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have had your help. I could not have done it without you!”

“Thanks for inviting me to this event. I also enjoyed the lunch and meeting a lot of very nice people.”

“Many thanks for dropping by today. It boosted my outlook on life considerably just to know that, at Next Village, people care.”

“On my own I would not have undertaken this task of moving the refrigerator. WELL, IT IS DONE. Two very nice people. It was an excellent idea of NEXT Village.”

“The Evening Rotary people who came to Tel Hi for us NEXT Village people were wonderful at clearing up so many of my PC questions. My contemporaries will be astounded by all I know. I can’t wait. Thanks so much for doing this.”

“That was a beautiful day seeing the Zorn exhibit at the museum. It went smoothly and was a perfect event. Thanks to all who did the planning and work.”

“I feel lucky and so much more at peace with my aging process just by being a member and knowing that they are there. I had not thought too much of what it would be like being and getting old, but I have arrived and it’s clear that there are important things in life I can no longer do without the able assistance of an organization such as this. Thank you for your support and please continue to support NEXT Village subsidized membership.”

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If you’re ready to make new friends, expand your horizons, and start living life on your own terms, NEXT Village is ready for you!

I’d like more information about joining.