iPhone Workshop every Wednesday


iPhone Workshop

Every Wednesday afternoon 

1:00 -3:00 
at Aquatic Park. In the Blue Room

Here’s what I have in mind:

No appointments

No Schedule

No Agenda

A simple informal group

Drop by and join others who have iPhones. Ask questions and we’ll work though each one and all learn together. I don’t think we’ll run out of things to cover, because the possibilities are endless with these amazing devices. We call them phones, but they’re far more than a phone. By adding apps, you can turn your “phone” into a variety of tools you’ll use constantly. We can all share our favorites and learn from each other too! I think it’ll be fun.

Here’s a short list of apps I use,

but there are 1000’s more:

Autible (books)

Hoopla (SF Library for FREE books, movies, etc.)

KDFC (classical music)

Munchery (and other meal delivery apps)

Instacart (grocery story delivery)

Open Table (restaurant reservations AND POINTS for free meals)

Flixter (movie reviews and more)

Landmark (movie app for art films)

Evernote (all your notes in one place and searchable)

Withings (blood pressure, weight and activity app)

BrainWave (meditation app)

Brain HQ (memory boosting app)

Voice Memos (recording app)

QR Code app (scans those odd looking things on signs and labels)

iFeltThat (Earthquake reports from around the globe)

Tunity (hear TV programs with the sound off)

Scanner (use like a scanner)

8mm (shoots videos that look like old movies)

Hipstamatic (photos with an artistic touch)

Corner My Photos (add corners to photos)




Patelco (my credit union)


Next Bus



MultiLevel (it’s an actual level)

5-0 Radio (police scanner)

Pocket Whip (silly fun)

Card Shark (Solitaire)

VaultBreaker (game)

Paper Toss (game)

Arcade Bowl (game)

Hangman (game)

Bejeweled (game)

TED (lectures by experts)


Find Friends (locate people you’re connected to)

Around me (see restaurants and shops near you)

Naturespace (meditation)

The Work (Byron Katie’s app for problem resolution)

NY Times

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

BBC News

Trip Advisor

Duolingo (learn a language)


Blurb (make a photo book from your phone)

I have more, but these are the ones I use the most. 

Learn how to:

Use Siri (there’s more then you might realize)

Use Apple Pay (it’s safer than a credit card)

Keep thousands of photos on your phone (without filling it up)

Use the Activity app

Use the Calendar app

Use Contacts app


There are so many things little things that are under the “radar” in many of the Apps you already have … the ones that came on your phone, The list is long, but if we do the workshop, bring your questions and we’ll sort them out, so you can get maximum use from your amazing phone. 

Soooo … maybe

I’ll see you today? 

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