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Sid’s Salon – Sid keeps the classic films coming!

January 16 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sid’s Salon – Sid keeps the classic films coming!
Alphaville, A Noir Science Fiction Film  –– France    Jean-Luc Godard 

1965   1hr 40 min   Black and White 1/16/19

Sid Says…

Lemmy Caution (the expatriate American actor, Eddie Constantine) enters Alphaville, a totalitarian state on a planet in another galaxy, by posing as a journalist. Its absolute ruler is Professor Von Braun, inventor of the powerful computer, Alpha 60, which he uses to control the state. Unlike other sci-fi movies, Kubrick’s 2001, for example, Godard forgoes any special effects, instead using an everyday setting, in this case, nocturnal Paris and the city’s new steel and glass curtain architecture.  With high-contrast lighting and marvelous camera movement, cinematographer Raoul Coutard turns the City of Light into a city of darkness and murderous intrigue, as Caution tries to assassinate von Braun and destroy the devilish computer. His guide is Natacha von Braun (Anna Karina), daughter of the evil genius, who proudly shows him executions of people who have behaved irrationally, any expression of feelings being a flaw punishable by death. 

As Natacha spends more time with this spy from the “outerlands,” a reincarnation of a B-movie hero, he gradually teaches her words like “conscience” and “love” that long ago were redacted from Alphaville’s dictionary, like all words dealing with emotion.  Through it all, Caution acts the part of the hard-boiled detective, deftly flicking open his Zippo lighter, clicking away with his Kodak Instamatic, and sporting the obligatory tough guy trench coat and fedora.  Whenever necessary, he deftly dispatches his foes with knuckles or gat, but in true comic book style––no blood here.   Exactly how Caution intends to drive his 1960s car into the interstellar world of his home planet is at film’s end unexplained, but the story and characters are so engaging, you won’t much care.  This strange adventure of Lemmy Caution will, however, get you thinking about our tech-gadget dominated world of today. Godard was on to something, as he often is.



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January 16
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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