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Sids Salon- Sid Keeps The Classic Films Coming!-

September 18, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Hi All–
   The Salon in September will be on Tuesday the 18th at the home of Jane Winslow, at 6 pm.  Many of you have been there before. If you need the address or a ride, call me or Molly.

Blind Chance–– Poland | Krzysztof Kieslowski 1981 | 2 hours

Tuesday, September 18, 6:00pm.

Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center, 660 Lombard St.
After more than a year of relative freedom and hope won by the Solidarity movement of the Gdansk shipyards, the Polish government imposed martial law on December 13, 1981. Many superb films made during the months preceding the crackdown were suppressed or shelved until the days before the final collapse of the Eastern bloc. One of the best, a postscript to the days of repression, was Kieslowski’s Blind Chance, which was finished two months into 1982 but not released until 1987. It is three short films in one, each part showing the same main character, Witek Dlugosz (Boguslaw Linda) running frantically to catch a train to Warsaw, where his father is dying.

Each story presents a different way Witek has of dealing with his personal world and the political world of a repressive Communist government. In the first, he becomes involved in the political world by joining the government––rather naively––having been convinced that he can effect change from the inside; in the second, rejecting the government, he joins an underground Catholic group that is resisting it; in the third, he remains neutral, or tries to, focusing on his personal life and his career as a doctor. Witek’s options, in one form or another, are always with us, the consequences of whatever choice always being unpredictable. The shocking opening shot of Witek in an airplane screaming expresses his reaction to the consequences of one choice. But the sequence of shots that follows it, before Witek makes his first dash for the train, brilliantly shows us some of the incidents in his life that prepared him for his three choices, incidents like those in every life that often in mysterious ways lead us or push us to make the choices we make, political or emotional. The moving musical score by Wojciech Kilar reinforces in a circular way the roots of Witek’s choices as they surface throughout the film.

Kieslowski asks us, in a way, how we would choose if put in Witek’s place, for even when Witek tries to avoid choosing either side, a choice is thrust upon him, which life does to us all sometimes. In fact, our own political situation today seems to be doing.


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September 18, 2018
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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