NEXT Village SF, is a non-profit that uses the support of volunteers to help seniors to age in their homes, and works to reduce isolation by hosting social, cultural, and educational events for older adults in northeast San Francisco. Unfortunately, we recently lost 1/3 of historical and anticipated funds from one of our longstanding fiscal supporters. This severely impacts our capacity to serve our current and expanding membership.


To the rescue, the wonderful Maud Hallin, board member and woman extraordinaire; world traveller, fond of immersing herself deeply in other cultures, voted “someone everyone wants to include at their table when hosting a dinner party”.

Maud values the support that NEXT provides so much that she has offered a $10,000 matching grant opportunity to NEXT Village between now and September 17th, 2017.

Maud heard about Joe – a lovely 87 year old who is being helped by a team of eight neighbors, and it moved her to make sure that others have the same opportunity to live an enriched and dignified life in the comfort of their own home.


Joe has lived alone for several years and his support network and mobility had diminished to the point that concerned neighbors reached out to NEXT to see if we could help him. Our volunteer coordinator, Molly Tello, assembled a team of eight angel neighbors who Joe can depend upon for:

  • Help getting his favourite cereals, fresh fruit, and other groceries, plus fresh sandwiches from his favourite deli
  • Help with small household repair projects, like broken windows and door knobs
  • Daily check-in’s, and someone to walk with him in the neighborhood
    Transportation to the bank, doctor’s offices, and other places he likes to go
  • Arranging and accompanying him to numerous doctors’ appointments
    Help staying on top of banking and bill paying, and other financial matters
  • Friendship and company

In addition, since joining NEXT, Joe has received help:

  • Sorting through all of the mail that piled up over the years for himself and his brother and sister-in-law
  • Getting his hearing and vision checked, and obtaining a Life-Alert device
  • Purchasing a new microwave so he can begin cooking again, and replacing a worn out space heater – the only source of heat in his apartment
  • Resoling his shoes so they aren’t a trip hazard
  • Donating his car that he can no longer drive to KQED

Joe is lucky. His team supports him with the big and the little tasks that are a challenge for him, but that most of us take for granted. And there are 300 other members with varying degrees of independence and interdependence that we are currently helping either at home or through social opportunities.

If you want to help the Joe’s of the world, if you know a Joe, or if you are a Joe, please take this opportunity to Be The Match for Seniors.

As a bonus, with your tax-deducible contribution, donations of $600 or more will automatically receive a membership to NEXT Village SF. Donations of $1,000 or higher will be invited to a private viewing party for The Blue Angels on October 15th.

Donations can be made HERE, or:

By check at:
NEXT Village SF
PO Box 330278
San Francisco, CA 94133

Or by phone at 415-888-2868.

Our Tax ID number is 80-047-6158.

You can also go to our fundraising page which features Joe’s story:

If you or someone you know would benefit by joining NEXT, please let us know that, too. If you’d like to volunteer, we welcome you to join our team.

Thanks to our volunteers, and to people like you who support the work they do.