4/19 Sid’s Salon – Sid keeps the classic films coming!

Sid’s Salon – Sid keeps the classic films coming:

Le Théâtre du Soleil and Ariane Mnouchkine 2008. Part 3 | Yes the same film. LES EPHEMERES, or Ephemera.  Sid Says, “Since a month passes between Salons and many of the EPHEMERES stories have several episodes spread over almost all five DVD’s, I will watch the final DVD and review the stories before we start the viewing, to catch people up where we are in the continuing episodes.” What service!  Thanks, Sid!

It is a filmed record of a theatrical performance by Le Théâtre du Soleil, a company founded in the 1960s by Ariane Mnouchkine and other actors in response to the political tumult in France and elsewhere during that explosive decade. Les Éphémères consists of a series of vignettes involving a large cast of characters, most of whom appear several times in connected pieces.

The vignettes range from a woman losing her mother’s home, to a couple who have just had their first child, to a transvestite who becomes a supportive neighbor to a young girl picked on at school, to the friendship between a doctor and an old woman who thinks she is pregnant. Some vignettes are humorous; many are far from ephemeral, especially those that are linked over the course of the entire performance and so build in complexity. Their power is startling. 

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