Welcome to NEXT Village San Francisco!

NEXT Village SF is a neighborhood nonprofit providing services and support that empower members to live independently in their own homes as they age. Through regular get-togethers, local field trips, assistance with errands and more, our volunteers and staff work together to enrich, enhance, and nourish the lives of seniors in our community. As a vibrant, growing network for aging adults in northeast San Francisco, Next Village is connection you can count on. WATCH a quick video about NEXT Village SF.

  • News You Can Use

    • 志願醫療傳譯組織 Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization

      志願醫療傳譯組織 Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization   您好!我們是2006年創立於加州柏克萊大學的志願醫療傳譯組織。我們為英文能力有限的灣區居民提供免費的醫療口譯與文件翻譯。我們的义工均為會說中英雙語並且受過40小時的訓練課程的學生。如果您有門診預約或是要參加醫療篩檢活動,您可以聯繫我們並申請我們的口譯員陪同您。 因為醫療文件屬於保密資訊,如果您有需要我們翻譯醫療文件,請先請您的醫療專業人員聯繫我們。您可以通過發電子郵件至calvhiochinese@gmail.com,在calvhio.org/chinese/request/預約服務或者致電 (510) 473-2056來與我們取得聯繫。我們期待為您服務!

    • 3/11 One Hard Thing

      One Hard Thing,  March 11th 12-2:30pm   One of the best...

    • 4/2 Mayors Night! North Beach/Russian Hill/Telegraph Hill for the Mayoral Candidates

      APRIL 2nd! Please mark your calendars, Solidarity Sundays North Beach...

    • New Auditory Training Apps and Resources:

      Apps: Hear Coach, by Starkey Games for Hearoes (Apple Ready)...


A membership in Next Village SF is a gateway to independence, connection, and fulfillment. If you’d like to get to know and trust your neighbors in a deeper, more meaningful way, we’d love to have you join us. You’ll find a culture of mutual care that will comfort and sustain you in unexpected, delightful ways.